Razer Naga Epic Elite MMO Gaming Mouse Review

The Razer Naga Epic MMO Gaming Mouse takes the Naga MMO mouse to its logical epic elite proportions of a wireless mouse with three side pieces for the best possible comfort fit to your hand.
Ease of Use, Performance: 22/25
Look amp; Feel: 24/25
Features 24/25
How much I enjoy 21/25

Total: 91/100

The Razer Naga Epic MMO Mouse comes with the Naga MMO mouse, a 6.5 foot USB cable, a charging dock and manuals with two sets of trainer stick ons. The Naga Epic Elite is a great MMO mouse with 12 side buttons and the usual mouse finger buttons and clickable scroll wheel with plenty of bonus features.

The Naga Epic mouse has a fully configurable color scheme but the features are not all good looks, the mouse has the 12 side buttons that are really easy to program. The Razer driver program that you download from the Razer site includes drivers and a configuration program.

You can change the button assignments for both single key and macro assignments, opening programs and changing the polling and cursor speed. The macro assignments are great for gaming and allow a very easy assignment of multiple key combinations for gaming and programs.

The Razer Naga Epic is a wireless mouse and does work just as well with the wired USB cable that fits into the base of the mouse under the scroll wheel snuggly. It is a custom form fitted connection that really makes the mouse look and feel like a normal wired mouse when you want to charge it or use with the cable.

The Naga Epic also works well as a wireless mouse using the charging dock and pairing the mouse is as simple as pressing the bottom buttons on the mouse and dock. The cables contoured end fits the dock nicely making the mouse work well as either wired or wireless.

It does take some getting used to the side buttons but unlike the Razer Naga Molten and the Naga you do get some configuration with the side panels of the Epic. There are three different shaped side panels that you can use on the Epic for the best and most comfortable fit in your hand for the mouse.

The side panels hold onto the mouse with four screws that connect magnetically on the mouse for a secure fit that is hard to knock loose but easy to exchange. The battery which is removable fits into the mouse under the side panel and pops out easily being held in place with a small slide.

The Naga Epic is fully configurable from within the driver program and has an add-on for additional setting controls within World of Warcraft. The Razer Naga Epic is also Windows and MAC compatible with drivers and program for both systems, this mouse really is a fully featured gaming mouse.

The side buttons are easy to use for the most part but it does take some getting used to, the trainer stickers allow you to use feel to find whichever buttons you like. If you find you are not getting used to finding specific buttons by touch you can add one or more of the square or round stickers to add a tactile feel to a specific key.

Using the mouse for games like Aion, Sacred 2 and Fallout: New Vegas adds a lot of customization for things like getting out different weapons or items and performing various tasks. The program that the mouse uses really does give you a lot of customization like being able to open different programs using various keys while in Windows and when gaming you can use those same keys for different functions.

The Razer Naga Epic really does make the best of all the various functions of the previous Naga mice as well as adding the wireless and side panel features for an excellent mouse. The Razer Naga Epic costs about $130 and is available from internet sites like Thetechinsider and Newegg as well as the Razor store.

I highly recommend the Razer Naga Epic Elite Gaming mouse for MMO gamers who want the best from their mouse while gaming and general computing.

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